In the Mini Sprint – Junior races, taking the checkered flag was Kaden Beebe. Coming in second was Cody LeClerc, and rounding out the top three was Tyson LeClerc.

The Mini Sprint – Senior category saw Dylan Beaumont come away as the big winner. Tyler McElderry took second place and right behind him was Devon Beebe.

Camryn Beaumont won in the Juniors races, and second place went to Chelsea Babcock.

The Bombers class had Armand LeBlanc crossing the line in first place. Robin Jossefson was second, and Justin Tackaberry completed the top three.

In the Mini Adults races Colton Glaicar was the big winner. Second position went to Cora Krahn while third was Clint Mason.

Darren Morin crossed the line in first in the Sports category, and Ron McNabb finished in second place.

The IMCA races had Johnny Beaumont Jr. taking the win. He was followed by Doug Mitchell and Tory Webster.

The next race weekend at Taylor Speedway is scheduled for August 3 and 4