Coralee Goulet is the organizer for the tournament. She says the event did very well, and players enjoyed a new rule that added a bit more fun to the mix.

“This was our third year, and it just flew by. It was well organized and everyone seemed to be having fun, we changed it up and put a new rule in and everybody seems to have enjoyed it,” she says. “We did what we call a fifth inning change up. In the fifth inning, everyone had a sealed envelope and it could be an all girl outfield, you had to bat with the opposite hand or whatever, we had 5 different rules.”

Goulet felt it was important to give the funds to KidSport because playing sports is of course something that everyone taking part in the tournament could identify with.

“We’ve picked it all three years, and you’re only going to get more teams by helping kids to play sports.” She says.

There wasn’t a firm fundraising goal set for the event, however the FAIT slo pitch team was hoping to beat last year’s total of $3,200.