The survey hopes to gain participation information from both urban and rural residents, so the PRRD can develop a waste reduction strategy. 

In a release, Paulo Eichelberger, Solid Waste Coordinator for the PRRD says, “As to reasoning, having more residents respond to the survey gives a better idea of what people are looking for when it comes to recycling. Do they recycle now? If not, would they recycle if the option is readily available near or at their home. This lines up with the PRRD’s mandate to promote waste diversion from the landfills, and helps to quantify the amount of recycling/composting that either already is being done or needs to be done at multi-residential facilities such as apartment buildings.”

The diversion rate in the PRRD is considered to be low presently. Last year, each resident contributed 558 kilograms to regional landfills. The goal is to encourage residents to divert their waste in an efficient matter so garbage bins are seen as a last option.

Those wanting to take part in the survey can visit or and click on the “pRRRdy Please…” link.