On Monday at 6:08 p.m., an experienced male hiker, was out by himself at Windfall Lake and activated his “SPOT” emergency beacon. The Tumbler Ridge RCMP, The Provincial Emergency Program, Ridge Rotors and South Peace Search and Rescue were activated and started to formulate a viable rescue plan.

The Peace Region Police Dog Service hiked into the area and located the hiker to find that he had suffered a broken ankle. The hiker was extracted by helicopter and Search and Rescue personnel. The hiker was transported to the Tumbler Ridge Community Health Centre for assessment and released.

The RCMP have high praise for the hiker because he was fully prepared for his trip. The hiker had discussed his plan with family and friends and was properly equipped with supplies and emergency equipment. All of this helped emergency crews to come up with a rescue plan and find his exact location.

 The Tumbler Ridge RCMP are reminding back country users to make sure they are properly equipped, bring plenty of food and water, emergency supplies, all-weather appropriate clothing, including proper footwear, and animal distraction devices. A SPOT beacon is highly recommended and a travel plan should be discussed with designated contact persons who can monitor your progress.