Residents who see the ribbons are encouraged to approach homeowners to request access to the produce.

In a release, Karen Mason-Bennett, chair of Communities in Bloom says “Too often, we see fruit trees around town laden with produce that is just falling to the ground and not being utilized. The Green Share Program is designed to help residents start conversations around produce that may otherwise to to waste.”

The Community Garden has a number of Green Share beds that have been planted. The beds have a variety of produce in them that is available for free to anyone.

“We’ve had people access the Community Garden that were taking food because they needed it, not to vandalize or steal, and that really started the conversation about the accessibility of food within the City,” says Michelle Laboucane, Community Garden Coordinator. “If we can utilize even some of the food that currently goes to waste, we can make a big dent in that need.

Anyone can take part in the program simply by using any green ribbon they may have. Ribbons can also be picked up at City Hall, the Visitor’s Centre, or the NEAT office.