Born and raised in Cecil Lake, Faulkner runs a bookkeeping business in Fort St. John, but on the side she’s been competing in pageants since her early 20’s. Most recently she earned the title of Mrs. Canada Galaxy in October 2012 through an online competition, which earned her a space at the international pageant taking place the first week of August. 

Since then she’s been volunteering at a number of local events, including the Relay for Life, the Mother’s Day 5K Run and the CDC Show. Giving back is what she says is her favourite part of holding a pageant title.

I love how pageants give you a platform to give back to your community,” she says. “I like to help out with as many organizations as possible.” 

That’s something she hopes to pass on to her son, who turns two this August. 

“I want to be a role model to him. I want him to look at what I’ve done and want to strive to be actively involved in his community too.” 

Pageant week begins July 27, and in addition to several appearances, Faulkner is busy preparing with photoshoots, practicing her walk and interview skills, as well as a strict gym schedule. There are five different categories the women will be judged on: interview, interview, photogenic, swimwear, evening gown, fun fashion wear. 

If she were to earn the crown, Faulkner would be headed even further away from the Energetic City, making appearances and helping with preliminary pageants around the world. 

“Basically, it’s what I choose to do with it, and if I do win I would love to make as many appearances as possible,” she explains. “It’s only one year, so you want to be as active as you can. I would love to go to schools and talk to children about pageants.” 

She’d also like to restart the pageant portion of the Mrs. Canada Galaxy competition, which has been solely online for the past two years since its director resigned. 

Although she would love to be the first Canadian to win the Mrs. Galaxy title, she’s most looking forward to the people she’ll meet while in Orlando. 

“It’s so much fun. You meet so many amazing girls who are well educated, who have goals and ambitions. You make some really good friends; that’s the part I love,” she gushes, adding, “Mrs. Canada has never won a Galaxy pageant. The closest to winning was two years ago when one of the girls got first runner up… so hopefully this year!” 

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