Administrator Charlette McLeod explains that bringing the Community Services department into the building and giving space to the North Peace Savings and Credit Union initially made it cozy. However, hiring another administration employee has now left them with no room to even set up an additional work station. 

“We’re just overcrowded right now,” she says. “We’re at capacity right now and we need more space.” 

The renovations are expected to meet the District’s needs for at least four years, at which point it will again have to re-evaluate its home. It is also looking to move the Public Works department out of the building and into either a newly built facility or a renovated one with a yard. 

“In order to do that, we need to first kind of manage the space we’ve got here for the term of about four years we figure that it will take to build somewhere for Public Works to go, and then we can do some future planning on this building,” says McLeod. 

There is $50,000 in this year’s budget for building renovations, and the District has over $650,000 set aside in a reserve to start the process of a new Public Works building. It’s hoped renovations will be completed by this December.