Swanberg Air donates plane to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering students at NLC

Sylvan Swanberg, a former Dawson Creek resident, founded Swanberg air in 2000. He worked in B.C. and Alberta for five decades. Unfortunately, Swanberg passed away in April of 2011, and the company ceased operations in November of that same year.

In a release, Sylvan’s son Loran Swanberg says, “My father strongly believed in continuous education, training, and practical knowledge as important aspects of the learning experience. With the donation of this Jetstream 31 aircraft, his belief in the importance of all aspects of the education experience will be honoured by ‘Paying it Forward’ to students at Northern Lights College who will have the opportunity to learn from the first Jetstream that my father owned.”

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Basic Training program at NorthernLightsCollege takes in students twice a year. The value of the donated plane is estimated at $625,000.


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