Dawson Creek looking to expand use of reclaimed water

Director of Infrastructure and Sustainable Development Kevin Henderson explains its current permit from the Ministry of Environment means the water can be used exclusively for fracking.

“We’re applying for an amendment that we could use it for other uses, specifically something like dust control, or possibly even irrigation of plants.” 

The plant, which was built in partnership with Shell Canada, is intended to take away the need for oil and gas companies to draw from local fresh water sources. Whatever water Shell doesn’t use is sold to other service companies that would normally haul in water. 

Henderson hopes the community embraces the idea of using the water for other practices. 

“I think Dawson Creek, being a water conscious community, will certainly look at this as a positive, if you can use reclaimed water where it’s appropriate, as opposed to drinking water,” he argues, adding, “It’s a shame to take drinking water and pour it on a road for dust control.” 

A public open house for discussion on the application will be held Wednesday, June 26 at the Best Western in Dawson Creek starting at 7 p.m.


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