Sawyer says the team did a great job of executing their game plan while learning from their opponents tendencies.

“We were just able to adapt our game plans to what other teams were doing. We were able to really control the pace of the games and let the other teams run into our guns,” Sawyer explains. “We were able to push down the field when we needed to, but for the most part we were able to let teams come to us.”

The Over The Top paintball team twice came across the Black Hammers, the team that beat Grande Prairie in the finals in their previous tournament. Even though Over The Top came out victorious in both games, the matches were very even.

“We really wanted to make sure that we took our time and didn’t rush into them and let them control the pace of the game. They also took some penalties which helped us immensely,” he says. “In the finals match, they knew what we were bringing to the table that event as well so it was a really hard fought game. It was a very, very close match, back and forth, and then with just under a minute left we were able to score that last point and get the win.”

The members of Over The Top paintball will now take some time off until their next tournament, which isn’t until August.