“It’s very close to home. Everybody knows somebody or has somebody close to them in Calgary or down in Southern Alberta,” Sewell explains. “It’s scary and it’s sad. We’re lucky we have sunny weather here right now.” 

They’re looking for donations of clothing, baby supplies, and grocery store and Walmart gift cards, which can be dropped off in the back yard of 8019-97 Avenue. Cash donation jars have been set up at local businesses around the city, including Chelsea’s Hair Salon, Unforgettable Memories and Rivers Animal Hospital, and a Southern Alberta Relief Fund donation account has been set up at the local Scotiabank. 

Volunteers will be taking the donations to the Canadian Red Cross in approximately a week and a half.

In Calgary, entire neighbourhoods along the Bow and ElbowRivers have been evacuated, forcing as many as 100-thousand people out of their homes. Parts of the Trans-Canada highway have been closed because of mudslides and flooding, cutting off access to Banff and Canmore.