Cheryl Breitkreutz, Family Friendly Coalition Coordinator, explains the site acts as a “one stop” location for families in the region to access, sports groups, government agencies, health services, arts and culture and social services. 

“The website has grown to become a household name where families can go. It’s built on the premise that children live better lives if they’re strong and if families are strong.” 

She adds that recent upgrades to the site come from feedback from parents who use it. They include making it smartphone friendly, including a printable events calendar, and a new section for early learning research. 

As Breitkreutz says, the investment from Shell only makes it a better tool for the community. 

“We are now being able to sustain the website for the next couple of years, and do these updates, and build on the success of the foundation of what it started with,” she explains. “With the support from Shell, it allows us to continue on to increase our capacity, to work with not-for-profits, to build on programs, and connect with parents.” 

Shell Social Performance Advicor Bryant Bird says partnering with groups like Family Friendly only make sense for the petroleum company, as many of its employees live and work in the community. 

“We all take a part in this community,” he argues. “We recognize that by developing or investing in these types of organizations, we’re helping to develop our future leaders or tomorrow, which all have access to the programs the organization here supports, and that’s why we’re here.”

The Family Friendly Initiative website can be found here.