It was a fantastic time for golf as a light breeze accompanied a few clouds throughout the day. 

The day’s action consisted of match play games, and that will continue throughout tomorrow, with the players losing in tomorrow’s matches moving into best ball play on Saturday. 

Winners from the championship division sponsored by the Fort St. John Petroleum association include: Justin McKinnon, Kevin McNee, Jeremy Clother, Gene Danyluk, Greg Pallister, Dillon Maier, Blayne Streeper and Terry Duffy. 

Over in division three sponsored by FloRite Environmental Systems, moving onto the A side will be: Nick Gaudreau, Todd Alexander, Anthony Corno, Scott Mayhew, Ron Smeeth, Jeff Toews, Lorne Hoskyn and Ian Tittley. 

Winners in division five sponsored by Zedi Field Services are: Roger Unruh, Rui Miranda, Phil Bernert, Don Wallin, Rob Garant, Lex Neufeld, Lee Hartman and Dan Gauvin. 

Focus sponsored division eight. Winners in that group include: Carson Hoffmeyer, Chad Gullickson, Wyatt Soule, Blair Myers, Stan Nyberg, Scott Albrecht, Gregg Pearson and Scott Pengelly. 

In action from division nine sponsored by NOV Wilson, coming out on top in their games were: Randy Morrow, Victor Peebles, Dave Buziak, Chris Wilson, Matt Giesbrecht, Larry Pimm, Larry Duncan, and Robin DeRose. 

Division 10 sponsored by Cabre Oilfield winners were: Warren Donis, Chris Jorven, Howie Maxwell, Sean Thomas, Vance Lucas, Bernard Salinas, and Kyle Gardner.   

Over in division 11 sponsored by Tempest Energy Services, moving onto the A side will be: Grant Trask, Rob Petrone, Tip Johnson, Mitch Bacon, Aaron Kielo and Stephen Bennett. 

Division 12 was sponsored by Magnum Oilfield Rentals. Winners of today’s matches include: Dennis Vig, Rob Varga, Troy Ramstead, Lyle Levers, Kerry Lawson, and Shane Richter. 

TCL and Backcountry Truckin’ sponsored division 15. Winners in that grouping from today were: Larry Solodon, Tracy Travis, Lyle Campbell, Al Hill, Brent Hansen, Keith Salmon, Jay Greenwood and Brian Zieger. 

Division 18 play was sponsored by Peace Country Rentals. Winners from today’s contests were: Lane Gellings, Steve Horychun, Garry Gray, Derek Tsuruda, Jack Wilson, Dan Broten and Pete Anders. 

Match play continues during the rest of tomorrow’s action starting in the morning and going on into the early evening. The winners of tomorrow’s match play events move onto the finals in their respective divisions on Saturday while the losers take part in best ball events Saturday as well.