In the Peace Region, moose open season runs from August 15 to October 31, with the exception of October 1 to 15, as that is generally mating season. In addition, hunters are only allowed bulls with no more than two points on each antler. 

The moose MacCulloch shot that day had one antler tip broken off to appear as a legal two-point moose. 

Conservation officers were tipped off about the kill, and the animal was found gutted and dressed at his camp the next morning. MacCulloch later admitted he had shot the wrong animal and tried to cover it up by breaking off the antler point. 

He was in Campbell River Court Thursday, where he was fined $3,000 for illegally killing a moose of which $2,800 will go to the B.C. Habitat Conservation Trust Fund. He also had to forfeit his rifle, scope and ammunition after pleading guilty to hunting wildlife out of season and obstructing a conservation officer. Two other charges were dropped in exchange for his guilty pleas, but the province seized the moose, and MacCulloch is under a one year hunting ban.

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