There were also representatives from the Philippines, China, Japan, Turkey, Croatia and Canada. 

The event was organized by the FSJ League of United Youths along with Settlement Workers in Schools, as a way to celebrate all the different cultures here in Fort St. John. Grade 12 student Brytnee Brule argues that many people in the city don’t know how many different countries are represented in the Energetic City. 

“We just kind of wanted to raise general awareness throughout Fort St. John, because some people don’t even realize that we have so many different cultural groups until we put on something like this.” 

Her co-organizer Lisa Zhang, back for the summer from the University of Alberta, adds this is also an important time to be holding an event like this. 

“It’s important to drive Fort St. John towards more multiculturalism, because the city is expanding, so it’s a great idea to have that kind of awareness.” 

The group hopes to make the World Fair an annual event.