Director of Legislative and Administrative Services Janet Prestley says the City wants to make sure stakeholders are kept in the loop from the beginning of the process. 

“We had wanted to provide the affected residents with the heads up that it was coming, because when we did the process last time, that was one of the first comments we got was, ‘well, thanks a lot, we heard it in the media first,’” she explains. “This time we’re going to go to the residents first, let them know that this report is pending.” 

Council formally withdrew its most recent application to include more land in its boundaries in February 2012, needing better clarification on what’s needed for consent of property owners. 

This proposed boundary extension affects properties to the west of the city, as well as some to the south west. Approval of the report on the 10th would initiate the process, and allow council and City staff to start a dialogue with property owners. 

In the report it’s also recommended that an informal public meeting be held at the Lido Theatre on June 26, for the City to explain its rationale and residents to ask questions and share concerns. A second meeting is tentatively scheduled for September 26 to answer questions brought up at that meeting.