Nicki was the big winner in the duathlon as she finished the race in 1:12:59 while Chris Haugan took second place, completing the course in 1:18:17.

Tate Haugan, meanwhile, had his time of 39:50 stand up to be the best result in both the junior short course competition and short course competition.

Nicki Haugan says that racing is always a friendly competition within the family whenever they enter into events.

“We’re always competitive, even just fun family rides turn into competition to see who can get out first,” Haugan says. “I actually thought [Chris] was going to get me because I did the math and I’m like ‘I can’t make up enough on the runs, because his bike is way faster than mine,’ but somehow I managed to squeak out today.”

Meanwhile, Chris attributes his wife’s win to her superior running skills.

“She’s a way better runner than I am, way better. I’m not a runner; all I do is ride bikes,” Chris explains.

The winner of the long course race in the triathlon was Greg Tone of Vanderhoof, while the top local competitor was Michael Pascas who finished in second.

Below are the top three finalists from each event, starting with the long course competition:

1st place: Greg Tone 1:31:27

2nd place: Michael Pascas 1:32:11

3rd place: Jeffrey Bernard 1:34:00

Long course team results:

1st place: CSI 1:31:33

2nd place: Lemon Nation 1:36:57

3rd place: Trinamite 1:46:09

Duathlon results:

1st place: Nicki Haugan 1:12:59

2nd place: Chris Haugan 1:18:17

3rd place: Dan Webster 1:21:47

Junior short course competition 

1st place: Tate Haugan 39:50

2nd place: Alyssa Webster 51:29

3rd place :Victoria Szoo 55:40

Short course competition

1st place: Tate Haugan 39:50

2nd place: Alexander Koehn 50:02

3rd place: Kaitlyn Lukoni 50:38

For a list of the full results, click here then scroll down to June 2013, Fort St. John Triathlon.