Fraser finished with a total time of 5:21:24 over the course of the weekend. Here are the rest of the results from the World Professional Chuckwagon Association standings:

1.Rick Fraser, Hellfire Suppression 5:21.24
2.Kelly Sutherland, Tervita 5:23.11
3.Mike Vigen, Zedcor Oilfield 5:24.04
4.Evan Salmond, Phoenix Oilfield 5:25.06
5.Doug Irvine, B&R Eckel’s 5:26.29
6.Kurt Bensmiller, Trans Peace 5:26.55
7.Colt Cosgrave, Bonnett’s Energy 5:26.57
8.Troy Dorchester, LaFarge Canada 5:26.66
9.Chad Harden, Baker Hughes 5:27.65
10.Kirk Sutherland, EMCO 5:27.80
11.Obrey Motowylo, H&E Oilfield 5:28.73
12.Gary Gorst, Keddie’s Tack 5:29.33
13.Mark Sutherland, Pomeroy Inns 5:29.45
14.Troy Flad, Ironwood Building 5:29.80
15.Logan Gorst, Happy Trails 5:29.90
16.Cliff Cunningham, Regulator’s 5:30.01
17.Ross Knight, Sexsmith Parts 5:30.11
18.Jordie Fike, Eagle Builders 5:30.19
19.Luke Tournier, Sundown Boys 5:30.43
20.Layne MacGillivray, MJ’s Water 5:30.45
21.Barry Hodgson, Roadtrek 5:31.50
22.Chad Fike, Ken Sargent GMC 5:31.70
23.Tim Haroldson, All Peace Petro 5:31.96
24.Roger Moore, Rusway Const. 5:32.93
25.Darcy Flad, Global Training 5:33.02
26.Mitch Sutherland, Pipestone 5:33.08
27.Cody Ridsdale, Triple K Oilfield 5:33.99
28.Chanse Vigen, Troyer Ventures 5:34.00
29.Bob Van Eaton, Northern Truck 5:35.24
30.Codey McCurrach, ATB 5:35.67
31.John Walters, Drifter’s Casing 5:37.32
32.Jason Glass, Birchcliff Energy 5:43.24
33.Hugh Sinclair, Diamond 5:44.91
34.Reg Johnstone, H&M Meats 5:55.03
35.Jerry Bremner, ENTREC 4:04.26
36.36 Rae Croteau Jr., TOMCO Group 4:09.96

Sean Debolt had the lead at the start of the event but then lost it for a couple days before regaining top spot yesterday in the Western Chuckwagon Association standings. Below is the full results:

1.Sean Debolt, Glacier Ridge Ventures 6.50.21
2.Glen Ridsdale, Gallivan Construction 6.52.47
3.Lane Kimble Tire Pro Inc. 6.55.83
4.Dean Dreger FOCUS Group 7.00.54
5.Nathan Sales, Predator Oilfield Rentals 7.01.39
6.Tyson Graham, Bexson Transport 7.03.04
7.Wendell Ridsdale, CIMS 7.04.74
8.Ryan McAleney, Brayco Services 7.05.67
9.Evan Magee, Michalchuk Bros. L. Contractors 7.05.87
10.Eric Rever, Deken Oilfield Transport 7.07.42
11.Erik Tremblay, Ironhorse Drilling Services 7.07.75
12.Todd McCracken, Gemini Helicopters & Productions 7.08.91
13.Derek Aebly, RT Rentals 7.11.19
14.Doug Green, Pomeroy Guitars & Wagons 7.11.20
15.Les Rever, Underground Enterprises 7.12.12
16.Blaid Flad, Pomeroy Guitars & Wagons 7.13.32
17.Lance Lewis, Bill Birch Oilfield Services 7.15.86
18.Rick McRorie, Shadow Rathole Drilling 7.56.04
19.Roy Romanow, Bill Birch Oilfield Services 8.06.95
20.Brian Lewis, Northern Mat & Bridge NT

Lee Adamson took the top spot in the All Pro Ponies group. Below are the final standings:

1. Lee Adamson A-1 Supply 06:33.7
2.Curtis Hogg Catwaulk compression 06:35.0
3.Keith Wood TH Machining 06:38.1
4.Jack Stott Wilmar Drywall 06:40.0
5.Ray Adamson Keddie’s 06:41.2
6.Garry Theil Happy Trails RV 06:43.0
7.Louis Johner Pony Up Posse 06:43.7
8.Curtis Wood Echo AVU 06:46.8
9.Wade Salmond Foster’s Agri World 06:47.3
10.Colby Arcand Triple Fox Energy Services 06:47.8
11.Chris Spreen Trojan Safety 06:48.2
12.Clayton Wildcat Jiffy Lube 06:48.5
13.Adam Hansen B&R Eckel’s Transport 06:49.8
14.Linda Shippelt-Hubl Triple K Oilfield 06:51.8
15.Tracey Stott MECAN Lifestyles/Pia 06:52.0
16.Chris Arcand Coltech 06:52.8
17.Barrie Lanktree Apple Auto Glass 06:54.3
18.Neil Salmond Foster’s Agri-World 06:55.3
19.Chris Arcand Alexander First Nation 06:57.7
20.Bruce Fillion Andrea Vavrek/HOPE 06:59.6
21.Albert Whiskeyjack Overhead Doors 07:00.0
22.Lori Stott OK Drywall 07:02.7
23.McCann Smash & Sons Construction 07:02.9
24.Brian L’Henaff Carlan Services 07:05.1
25.Philip Arcand Alexander First Nation 07:05.6
26.Jim Johnson Teepee Creek Stampede 07:06.0
27.Jerry Shaver Ken Sargent GMC 07:11.5
28.Gary Salmond Mark’s Hauling 07:16.3
29.Wacey Hogg Ledararco Construction & Trucking 07:21.0
30.Marvin Hubl Sharp Enviromental 07:28.0
31.John McRae Lakeside Oilfield 08:01.0
32.Darwin Patterson GP Networks 16:24.2