Spring basketball season starting to wind down

In the Junior Division, Team Purple defeated Team Yellow 29-23. Mackenzie O’Brien was the top player for Team Purple, and getting the nod for the Yellows was Krystina Rea.

Team Red came out on top of Team Teal 30-23. Kieran Copley and Mykenzie Beech were the top players for Team Red and Team Teal respectively.

Team White beat Team Black 28-16. Carter Collins was the player of the game for the Whites, and Seth Sutherland was recognized for his team.

In Senior Girls play, D. Bauer beat Focus 52-44. Becky Bergen was D. Bauer’s top player, and for Focus, Karlyn Peterson was the player of the game.

Northern Valve was victorious over Jiffy Luby 61-41. Rebecca Hedges was solid for Northern Valve and Robin Denariola put in a great game for Jiffy Lube.

In Senior Boys action, D. Bauer beat Sunlife 64-44. Steven Smith was recognized for D. Bauer, and Sunlife’s best player was Cole Bousman.

The final game saw Northern Valve beat Jiffy Lube 71-60. The players of the game were Tyler Coulter for Northern Valve and Lucas Ziebart for Jiffy Lube.


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