Chris Haugan a winner again for the Blizzard Bike Club

Haugan finished his race in 24:50 seconds. He was followed by Pat Ferris who took second spot as he clocked in with a time of 25:49. Richard Wood was third. He completed his ride in 26:11.

Fourth and fifth went to Davide Loro and Gord Harris. They finished with times of 28:34 and 28:39 respectively

Heather McCracken was right on the heels of Harris. She finished her race in 28:40. Barb Polehoykie was seventh with a time of 28:44, and Celeste Pakstas took eighth in 28:54. Ninth and tenth went to Pat Egan and Sam Keats. Egan finished with a time of 29:00, while Keats clocked in at 29:14.

The Blizzard Bike Club will be off for the long weekend but will return to racing on Tuesday. 


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