The swim meet featured five teams including the Fort St. John Stingrays. Also in town for the weekend were the Dawson Creek Seals who finished in second place, the Prince George Pisces took third, the Mackenzie Rainbow were fourth, and taking fifth spot was the Fort Nelson swim team.

Coach Jason Brockman says the final standings aren’t important, and prefers to focus on having students be able to demonstrate the swimming skills they have learned through practice. 

“Right now we’re just looking to build the basic foundation skills for swimming,” Brockman explains. “It will allow them that skill so that they are able to go swim in a lake, etc.” 

Further to his point, it’s important to Brockman that his students have enjoyed the experience of participating in a swim meet, and to feel good about their efforts. 

“We want kids to have a positive outlook, that no matter the outcome results oriented, that they’ve been there, did there best and enjoyed themselves.” 

Over the summer season, there are swim meets every two weeks. The next event takes place in Quesnel over June 8 and 9.