Strapping on their helmets, workers are skipping the car ride and instead are pedaling their way to their place of employment.

Although Bike to Work Week began back in 1985, Fort St. John has yet to sign up as an official participating city, although many residents take part on their own.

This year the Blizzard Bike Club registered, and the City proclaimed May 27 to June 2 as Bike to Work Week in Fort St. John. 

Ferris Fast Cycles owner Pat Ferris understands that not everyone will be able to join in, but hopes the community will make an effort to break the cycle of using a vehicle for convenience.

“Normally what happens is you’d drive to work and return and then maybe you’d have to go to the gym or go for a bike ride in the evening, but you’re already having a workout riding to work and back,” he argues, “so you’re covering the workout basis, you have a little more time than you normally would have.”

Riding a bike on the road with vehicles may seem daunting to those not used to it, but Ferris says local drivers are generally respectful and share the road.

He also recommends any newcomers to stay away from the highway, and to simply ride their bike like they’d drive a car.

“If you’re nervous go on the city trail system, pick a quieter side street to ride on,” he explains. 2:00 “You drive on the right hand side of the road, take your lane in traffic when you’re doing turns.”

Ferris also suggests keeping a towel and a change of clothes at work, as well as fenders to avoid any splashes.

For more information on Bike to Work Week, click here.