He was airlifted to the University of Alberta Hospital, saying the only thing he remembers about the accident was not being able to breathe. 

Now that he’s been discharged, the Vancouver resident and his wife say they feel like they’ve been abandoned in the neighbouring province, living off borrowed money.  Bourdeau’s doctors have advised him not to fly home by plane, with travel by helicopter and car his only travel options. However, his wife Linda Finlay says he isn’t well enough for the long drive back, after only starting to walk again on Tuesday. 

Alberta Health Services commented on the matter Wednesday, explaining that once a patient is discharged, it is their responsibility to make arrangements to get back home. However, Finlay believes since he was airlifted to Alberta, he should be transferred to a hospital closer to home. 

There were four other people with Bourdeau in the riverboat at the time, including three other males and a female, all ranging in ages from 23 to 58. Another male was taken to the Fort St. John hospital, but was released soon after. Blood samples taken at the time of the incident to determine if alcohol was a factor in the crash have not yet been returned.

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