As the opening act for the Musical Ride, the rancher will take his horse through an obstacle course that involves acts that are regularly unnatural for horses, like walking backwards, without them getting stressed or spooked. He will then get off his horse and run the obstacle with it again using hand signals, all while talking the crowd through it. 

“His horses do things that most horses won’t do because they’re scared, but Glen has built a wonderful trust up with his horses and it’s amazing to watch,” says Michelle LaBoucane, Coordinator of the Restorative Justice Society that will receive part of the proceeds of the event.

She says Stewart’s ability to train and communicate with horses is unparalleled.

“What he can do with a horse is amazing, and so it was really just a really cool addition to the horsemanship we’re going to see with the RCMP Musical Ride,” she says.

Following Stewart’s show, the three Peace Region Police Dog Services will also be putting on a demonstration using the same obstacle course. 

The RCMP Musical Ride is set to take place July 11 at the newly built Horse Park with shows at 1 and 6:30 p.m. Tickets cost $10 and are available at the North Peace Cultural Centre or its online box office.