Jeff Mayer is the Work Experience Teacher with School District 60. He says the dual credit program provides students with a number of benefits.

“They become more engaged in their academic schooling when they can see a goal at the end of the tunnel and have something to work towards,” he says. “Also, they get a chance to see the pragmatic applications of things like math and physics so school isn’t boring.”

Mayer adds that they have seen an increase in graduation rates from high school as a result of offering the program.

“With an increase in student interest comes an increase in student success rates,” he says. “We’ve done studies that show students involved in our career programs in School District 60 and through northern opportunities have a higher graduation rate than students who aren’t.”

Paige Karczynski is the work force training coordinator for Northern Lights College. She says the tour gives students the chance to see, and consider different options for their future.

“It’s a great opportunity for them to start being aware. Even though the students are in grade nine, they still have an open future so it is a great way for them to have some direction and know their options,” she says. “Many of them have parents who do this stuff, but this provides them with more of a hands on experience.”

There are a number of options when it comes to dual credit programs. There are dual credit trades and technical programs such as applied business, auto service technician, welding, power engineering and many others.

Any students who want to take part in the program are encouraged to get in touch with the career staff for the school district. Jeff Mayer of the school district can also be reached online at