“I’ve been working with Dave [Sloan] on kind of defining the mandate that I’ll be working with,” he says, “I’m going to take a lot of what I’m doing right now and continue with that as Assistant Superintendent.” 

He says he will stay focussed on the education side of things, rather than the human resources that was previously required, and keep working on various learning initiatives. One of those ideas is using a software tool that brings together students’ assessment data into one place for the use of teachers, principals and district personnel. 

“It’s a kind of web-based program called Paradigm Shift,” he says. “We’re just trying to look at a way and a means of accessing and displaying and looking at information in a meaningful way.” 

That information will then be used to help the school district makes decisions about resource allocation, based on clear, concise picture about how students are doing overall in the school. Over the next year he also plans to continue looking into how to further integrate technology like Google Drive into classrooms, used by both students and teachers. 

“We want to start using some of the potential of that platform so that students can actually use the devices that they have and use the technology to their advantage,” he argues. “It’s about kind of paying attention to maybe giving some more choice around how are designed, submitted, how learning basically is demonstrated.”

Bandwidth and the internet connection at each school will be the first challenges when it comes to technical devices.

Petrucci will also be responsible to take over when the Superintendent is unavailable, and will work with administration groups. He will also continue to work with the Ministry of Education as the Safe Schools Coordinator, on bullying prevention programs and threat assessment training. 

Superintendent Dave Sloan, who left his position as Assistant Superintendent in April, says he was excited to have Petrucci accept the position. 

“He brings enthusiasm, experience, and a tremendous amount of energy to the position. He’s got all sorts of experience in schools from grades kindergarten to grade 12 and he’s been involved in all sorts of programs from French Immersion to band to arts to science fairs, and best of all he’s a fair amount younger than I am, so the district stands to benefit from his experience for years to come.” 

He advises his successor to keep doing what he’s doing and stick around to gain more experience. Sloan says Petrucci was his first choice for Assistant Superintendent.