The parking lot is the final challenge, and will also dictate how close to budget the project will end up. Director of Facilities and Protective Services Jim Rogers has said if the new fire hall goes over budget, it won’t be by much. The construction of a new home for the Fort St. John Fire Department has an overall budget of $12 million, including $9.8 million for the building itself. 

The remaining work needing to be tendered includes a 3,600 square metre parking lot with a curb and gutter, 1,000 square metres of asphalt overlay, and a concrete sidewalk. There are also plans for installing street lights and a fire signal, as well as as a concrete apron. The final touches on the interior of the 20,000 square foot building are being done this month and June, and depending on how long the parking lot and landscaping takes, Rogers is hopeful for a July move in date. 

Tenders must be submitted by May 23, 2013.