The morning session featured a nine kilometre climb up the hill on 17th street, and beyond the Bear Mountain ski hill. It was a brisk morning for the riders as they battled a heavy downpour of rain, hail and strong winds, all of which resulted in a route change on the course for safety reasons.

When everything was said and done on the streets, Pat Ferris of the Blizzard was the first rider to cross the finish line with a time of 23:25. He was followed by Dean Gravill of Grande Prairie who clocked in a time of 23:30, while Niall Smyth of Dawson Creek took third spot as he crossed the line in 25:49.

The afternoon race was held further north on 17th street near Sweetwater Road. There was no rain or hail to contend with this time around, however 50 to 70 kilometre winds pushed the riders to the limit during the portions they were riding uphill. 

In the 60 kilometre portion of the race, the Blizzard Bike Club came out on top as Kevin Shaw completed his race in 1:59:48, and Dean Gravill took his second, second place finish of the day for Grande Prairie, registering a time of 2:06:29. Dawit Feyissa of the Blizzard rounded out the top three, clocking in at 2:18:15. Gary Hilderman, and Kevin Fell of the Blizzard finished in fourth and fifth respectively, followed by Niall Smyth of Dawson Creek and Davide Loro of the Blizzard for sixth and seventh.

In the 40 kilometre race, Richard Bouvier of Dawson Creek took the top spot with a time of 1:44:27. He was followed by Jamie Maxwell who finished in 1:48:09, and Eric Wolfe, who completed his race in 1:52:44.