The CPPL is the top paintball league in the country. Sawyer says the league is based mostly in Western Canada.

“We compete in the CPPL which is the Canadian Professional Paintball League. It’s mostly a Western Canadian League with teams coming from all over as far as Winnipeg,” he says. “We play in division one and we have a farm team under us the division three level.”

Sawyer started off as someone who would play the game occasionally, but explains how he got involved in top league in the country.

“I played it very casually, then I moved up here about six years ago and found a couple people to practice with and ended up getting in touch with the group out of Grande Prairie,” he says. “They were going to all these tournaments in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver and I went to try out for their team, and got on.” 

The CPPL season runs from May through September.