Alexa was only four and a half years old when an impaired driver killed her in 2008 while she stood with her aunt on the side of a road feeding a horse. Alexa’s Team was formed in 2008, and has grown from 26 to over 1,000 RCMP and Municipal police officers across the province.

Between them, the newly appointed members from Fort St. John have removed 207 impaired drivers from the road. As a whole, Alexa’s Team removed 7,865 impaired drivers from B.C.’s roads in 2012.

“As a family, we are heartened to see that there has been a significant decrease in the number of people injured and killed by impaired drivers over this past year,” says Laurel Middelaer. “We know that the members of Alexa’s Team have served unwaveringly to make our communities safer.”

In order to be nominated for Alexa’s Team, police officers must have removed at least 12 impaired drivers from the road in the previous calendar year through a Criminal Charge investigation or the new Immediate Roadside Prohibition administrative process, in addition to issuing Administrative Driving Prohibitions, IRP Fails, and IRP Refusals. All-Star team members have taken at least 34 criminally impaired drivers off the road in a year., and this year Constable Reed and Constable Lussier were given that honour.

There has been a dramatic decrease in the number of impaired drivers on the road in B.C., while the number of fatalities drops from 73 in 2011 to a historic low of 59 in 2012. Insp. Ted Emanuels of the RCMP Lower Mainland District Traffic Services attributes the drop to partnerships between police, government and road safety partners, as well as a change in attitude and behavior of the public.