Franchise owner Don Seney says they were able to recover many tax records from the fire that occurred Sunday morning, especially since all of the online ones were backed up regularly. The fate of some of the paper documents is still up in the air as many dry out, but Seney says there shouldn’t be too much loss.

“We can recreate most of them or reprint them,” he says. “Some of the people who brought in their business information, we’re drying out those documents so we can use them.”

He adds that if someone’s T4 was lost, the government will replace it.

While the information loss was not as bad as it could have been, the business’ loss may be a lot higher. All of its equipment was lost in the fire, and while it had renters insurance, it may cover everything, like loss of business. It’s too early to tell, but Seney estimates in the end it may cost $50,000 to get back going again.

The building on 102 Avenue itself was uninsured, and many of its five occupants did not have renters insurance.