The nominations for the six awards were announced today, meant to recognize the dedication and generosity of the city’s residents, businesses and volunteers. Tickets for the event cost $35 at City Hall, the Visitor Information Centre and the Lido Theatre.

The nominations are below:

Cultural Person of the Year – Mary Campbell, Russell Eggleston, Garry Oker, Barb Daley, Sabrina Bailey, Beth Morrison, Oliver Mott

Literacy Award – Azucena Furman, Shar’s Café, Jean McFadden, Paula London

Recreation Person of the Year – Paul Kalas, Barb McCracken, Rob Larson, Ann Green, Darren Snider, Doug McCracken, Clinton Green, Donna Sipe, Connie Richter

Humanitarian Award – Allan Markin, Connie Morris, Tom Cole, North Peace Justice Society

Youth of the Year – Robbie McMullin, Cheyenne Radcliffe, FSJ League of United Youth

Mayor’s Citizen of the Year – Adam Horst, Michelle Svisdahl