Medals awarded to top Skills Canada students


The gold medallists in each division will take part in the Provincial Skills competition in Abbotsford in April.
Below are the medallists from each category:
Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Jr. Skills
Gravity Vehicle Race
Gold – Hudson Henderson(DCSS-CC)
Silver – Kevin White(DCSS-CC)
Bronze – Adrian Threinen(DCSS-CC)
Spaghetti Bridge 
Gold – Caleb Willms, Skyler Chowace(DCSS-CC)
Silver – Parker Heck, Riley Moore(BBJS)
Bronze – Austin Tallman(BBJS)
Architectural CAD
Gold – Raz Petrick(DCSS-SP)
Silver – Kelsie Wozniak(DCSS-SP)
Automotive Service
Gold – Jess Robinson(NPSS)
Silver – Joel L’Heureux(NPSS)/Ed Merkl(DCSS-SP_dual credit)
Bronze – Devon Behreus(NPSS)
Gold – Kathryn Stickel (NPSS-dual credit)
Gold – Jarred Sutherland(DCSS-SP)
Silver – Riley Bassett(DCSS-SP)
Bronze – Payton Dekker(DCSS-SP)
Gold – Matt Link(DCSS-SP-dual-credit)
Silver – Frank Beaulieu(DCSS-SP-dual credit)
Bronze – Dale McEachern(NPSS-dual credit)
Gold – Brooke Copeland(NPSS)
Silver – Rebecca Kantz(NPSS)
Bronze – Kendra Parker(FNSS)
TV/Video Production
Gold – James Ashwell(DCSS-SP) and Nick Tutin(DCSS-SP)
2D Computer Animation
Gold – Korynn Oberle(DCSS-SP) and Zac Shwartz(DCSS-SP)
Thursday, March 7, 2013
Gold – Brad Johnson (NLC)
Silver – Ben Scholten (NLC)
Bronze – Cody Panter (NLC)
Gold – Meesha Beaulieu (NLC)
Silver – Nicole Cruickshank (NLC)
Bronze – Brandy Dyck (NLC)
Culinary Arts(PS)
Gold – Jeff Otto (NLC)


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