Fort St. John Mayor Lori Ackerman says the Dam can not have a negative effect on the uniqueness of Fort St. John.

“Fort St. John has risen to the challenge of becoming a community that offers a quality of life with prospects of work; those two are not often found together. While we understand that the role of B.C. Hydro is to produce low cost power to British Columbians, we are emphatic that empowering the Province should not disempower Fort St. John.”

The EIS submissions are the results of extensive community consultations, which were held in Fort St. John throughout the summer and fall of 2012.

Resulting from these consultations was the development of a Site C Position Paper, which addresses critical areas of interest within the community. It is because of this background work that Council has undertaken the evaluation of the Site C EIS.

In determining if the EIS is satisfactory, the Canadian Environmental Agency, along with the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office will consider the received comments from participants, and responses to those comments from B.C. Hydro.

If and when the EIS is deemed satisfactory, a three-member Joint Review Panel will be appointed by the Ministers of the Environment for B.C. and Canada.

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