At Monday’s City Council meeting, Council authorized the signing of a lease agreement between the City of Fort St. John and the New Totem Archery Club for a five year term from April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2018 at the Club’s already existing outdoor facility in the Jones sub-division.

With the agreement, the Club is now allowed to place a non-permanent structure on property leased to them by the City of Fort St. John.

The New Totem Archery Club will now be placing a building on its already existing outdoor site at the Jones sub-division location, which will be used accommodate an indoor space following the termination of their previous lease inside the Co-op mall due to the sale of the property.

A few factors were discussed prior to the agreement, including that the Totem Archery Club has been good tenants in the past, they are fully responsible for the maintenance of the facility, they do not require the City to provide services to them and their operations have been self supporting financially.

In response, the New Totem Archery Club is not requesting or expecting any funding from the City and say they have been looking for a more permanent facility to hold their indoor archery activities in for years rather than leasing a space.

A variety of ideas are being discussed for the new structure, including a quonset hut or a steel building on skids.

The new facility also solves the issue of size regulations, as the Club had been looking at various building in the city, none of which large enough to accommodate the archery programs.