If a business has not filed for their new PST number by then, it will technically be illegal for them to sell any taxable items or services, and they could face serious consequences if they do.

Government PST inquiry lines will be open throughout the long weekend to accomodate last minute registrations, but Yamamoto says the easiest way to sign up is online.
“Businesses should register online, because it’s 24/7, and it takes 15 minutes, 10 minutes if you’re fast,” she argues.
Companies can also prepare by looking for their incorporation papers, and not leaving it to the last minute in case they run into any problems.
“They still may have questions,” Yamamoto says, “30,000 businesses in British Columbia have actually started up since the HST, so they’ve never been involved in a two tax system so they may need some extra help.”
Business can register online at eTaxBC, or by calling 1-877-388-3440. For more information on the switch back toPST, visit www.PSTinBC.ca.