Hudson’s Hope Mayor Gwen Johansson says the hiring comes after a two year push from a medical services working group, which she calls a “combined effort”.

“They had put considerable efforts into looking at different ways, trying to figure out what it was that would attract a doctor,” she explains. “They spent a lot of time researching that kind of stuff and also checking to see whether there were programs at the current universities.”
Since the departure of Hudson’s Hope’s last resident doctor, the district has been on a rotation of different doctors that visit the community two to four times a week. Johansson believes this will make an “enormous” difference for the district, in both providing services to its current residents, and attracting new ones.
“People look for continuity of care with their doctor; they like to sort of establish a relationship with a family doctor,” she explains. “It also means a lot to families who move in who want to be sure that if their child or a family members runs into trouble, that there are medical services available.”
With the expected growth of the region, she believes a doctor will help sway the decisions of those considering moving to or staying in the district.
Dr. Hubner’s office will be located in the Hudson’s Hope Health Centre. According to the Comox Valley Echo, he studied in Germany and England, and practiced in U.K. before moving to Vancouver Island in 2008