He was reported overdue at 10 p.m. last night and is reportedly not equipped with proper safety or communication gear.
In addition to a number of trained volunteers and Search and Rescue members, an Avalanche Technician and helicopter are helping with the search by air this morning. Although members of the community have expressed their interest on social media in helping with the search, Search and Rescue coordinators have asked anyone who is not involved to please stay away from the area.
“Though the community support is overwhelming, we are asking that everyone please stay out of the area to let the local Search and Rescue Teams conduct their orchestrated search,” says RCMP Constable Lesley Smith, North District Media Relations Officer. “Trained Volunteers have located a track and we do not want this path disturbed by others who may cause unnecessary confusion by their attendance. We also do not want the potential dangers of anyone else getting lost or needing assistance that is being directed at finding our missing sledder.”
We will update when we learn more.