Close to three hours later, police were called to that same residence, and upon showing up, found a 21 year old male had been physically assaulted and sprayed with pepper spray outside the residence.

Four males, who had previously been inside the residence at the party, had returned and got into an altercation on the driveway and following the altercation, fled in a vehicle.

RCMP located the vehicle within a few minutes, and arrested the suspects inside, while also locating a can of pepper spray within the vehicle.

Authorities are recommending charges of Assault against an 18 year old male and 20 year old male, while also recommending charges of Assault with a Weapon against a 16 year old male and a 20 year old male.

All of those arrested are from the Fort St. John area and have court dates scheduled in the future.

The victims were taken to the Fort St. John Hospital where they were treated and released for minor injuries caused by the physical assault as well as contamination from the pepper spray.

In a separate, but somewhat related file according to RCMP, local authorities are recommending charges of Careless Use of a Firearm against a 20 year old male. While the incident took place on the driveway, a male inside the residence loaded a firearm.

When the male went to unload the weapon, a round was accidentally fired into the floor of the home. Luckily, no one was injured as a result of the discharge.