However, she emphasized, “There are no definite plans at this time, to ramp up production”, and that will strictly depend on the need to fill customer demand.

The Dawson Creek mill was victimized by a global economic meltdown in the summer of 2011, and citing the struggling economy of the U.S., as the key factor, the company said, it was forced to curtail production of oriented strand board.

That resulted, in what was reported at the time, as 88 layoffs, as the company took time to re-evaluate its situation, at least temporarily, and to come up with a different strategy to ensure the long-term survival of the mill.
There’s now evidence of a much stronger American housing marketĀ  and LP has been sited as a company that distributes most of its building products to the United States.

The countries National Association of Home Builders said earlier this month, that the number of improving housing markets continued to expand for a sixth consecutive month to a total of 259 U.S. metropolitan areas.
That was up from 242 listed as improving last month, and included entrants from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.