The 23 year old originally faced 16 charges including impaired driving causing death and failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

In the article, it states Holubowich admitted to driving up to 151 kilometres per hour on a stretch of road south of Grande Prairie, which has an 80 kilometre per hour speed limit and upon impact, was travelling 120 kilometres per hour.

The Crown prosecutor and the defense submitted a joint submission asking for a three year sentence.

Holubowich is expected to be sentenced later Tuesday, following victim impact statements delivered from the victims’ families.

On October 22, Holubowich’s pickup hit a car carrying five members of the Grande Prairie Composite High School Warriors football team. Vincent Stover, 16, Walter Borden-Wilkins, 15, Tanner Hildebrant, 15, and Matthew Deller, 16, all passed away as a result of the crash. Zachary Judd spent weeks in a coma, eventually recovering from brain injuries and a fractured skull.