“I think it will still be cool enough that everything’s going to be fine, and we definitely don’t have to worry about cancelling due to cold weather,” she says. “If it got up to maybe plus seven, plus eight, it might be an issue… but we’ve had it this warm in the past and I think it’s been fine.”

Last year it was so warm before the festival started that competitions like snow sculpting and toboggan racing had to be cancelled due to a lack of snow, but then the temperatures dropped and other events had to be cancelled or cut back due to the cold. In the past warmer weather has also meant making changes like moving the ice sculpting into the curling rink.
The temperature being where it is now has actually been beneficial for the carvers that are currently working on the commissioned pieces in Centennial Park, as they’ve been able to work without taking too many breaks to warm up inside. Professional single block carving begins Friday at 4 p.m. and the larger sculptures will be carved throughout Saturday and Sunday.