Their berth at the national championships came as a result of four podium finishes in four Grande Prairie tournaments.

The team, consisting of Michael Bruvold, John Garrison, Chesney Brooke, Steve Feher and Desi Brown, began the tournament in the third division, with a 3-5 record in the preliminaries, earning enough points to compete in the semi-finals.

Taking on the first place team in the sudden death semi-finals, Active Adrenaline lost to Team Ground Zero, who proceeded with an undefeated record to a national championship.

Active Adrenaline member Michael Bruvold, said despite the results, the tournament was a positive experience for the team.

“We had fun, and hey, a brand new team that hasn’t played since September up against the best in Canada, that also most of them play indoors all winter and we made the semi finals, we are pretty happy with that.”

Bruvold says his team’s next move is to get as much competition under their belt as possible throughout the summer season, playing in a new series in Grande Prairie.

He adds, providing the team can locate a sponsor, they would also like to compete in a few Canadian Professional Paintball League tournaments, held in Calgary and Edmonton.