Tumbler Ridge selects new Councillor

Don McPherson came out on top with 100 votes in yesterdays bi-election.  Jerrilyn Schembri came in a close second with 94 votes. 

In a statement posted by the Tumbler Ridge News McPherson says “I would like to thank the voters of Tumbler Ridge for a great turnout and a special thanks to those that supported me with their vote. It is obvious that the people of Tumbler Ridge want a change and I am looking forward to working with the new Mayor and Council towards a bright future for our community.”

Here are the full results from the January 19 bi-election.

 Crosbie BourdeauxBrenda HolmlundDon McPhersonJerrilyn Schembri
Mail in Ballots0001
Advanced Voting Jan 9212167
Advanced Voting Jan 14221112
General Voting Day19367374
Total Votes235010094