Harlem Globetrotters dazzle in Dawson Creek

This year's "You Write the Rules" tour meant that fans from the region voted on rules to surprise the players. To start the game, baskets shot from one of four green mats were worth four points, points were worth double in the second quarter, and there were two pink basketballs, to raise breast cancer awareness, in play for the first two minutes of both the third and fourth quarters. Globetrotters forward Hammer Harrison says that since the team has been around for over 85 years, they like to try something new every year.

"We have a variety of rules to choose from," he explains. "The crazy things about it is you can't really prepare for it, so it's kind of like off the fly. That's the wonderful thing about it."
Fun was the name of the game, and the basketball superstars took every chance they could get to interact with the crowd, and include young fans in the game. That's what Hammer says is so special about being a Globetrotter.
"We're a special brand," he says. "We go out there, not only do we play basketball, we entertain as well. One minute you might see me going up for a 360 dunk, and the next minute I'm sitting next to your kid giving him a high-five."
Hammer was drafted to the team straight out of university, despite not having played in high school after both his legs were broken in a car accident at the age of 11. He says he feels honoured to be on a team with so much history, that not only includes great basketball players, but also "ambassadors of good will".
"When I was younger I really didn't have a Harlem Globetrotter come to my school or a role model such a myself come and talk to me and guide me," he says. "That's what I try to do every time I'm with a kid or a youth group is try and guide them and help them map out their goals so they can become what they want to be when they get older."
It's clear hundreds of kids were inspired as the game, playing with their own Harlem Globetrotters basketballs, and getting the signatures of their favourite players.
Photos of the game are below:


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