However, another winner emerged from the Colas Cup, the Fort St. John chapter of Kidsport.

Last night, DGS made a donation of $26,500, which will go towards helping underprivileged children get involved in organized sports.

Tim Rankin, tournament coordinator, says it was a successful tournament considering it was the first time Fort St. John hosted the Colas Cup, and that the amount raised exceeded all expectations.

“Talking to the foundation they were very shocked with the amount raised, and so was I,” he says. “For the employees to raise and donate $13,000 and then some of their own money to a charity, that’s amazing. This is more than we raised in our golf tournament and that’s raised through our suppliers and sponsors. The guys said they had a great time, everything was good, other than it being minus 50 degrees… only the guys from Alaska were okay with that.”

He adds that because minor hockey donated the ice time to the tournament, a donation of $1,000 has also been made on behalf of the tournament to Fort St John Minor Hockey.

Following Wednesday evening’s dinner, Jim Hughson, a play-by-play hockey broadcaster for CBC, entertained the crowd with well presented speech lasting over 45 minutes.

The NHL broadcaster spoke about growing up in Fort St. John, watching the Senior Flyers and how Peace Region hockey inspired him into career in broadcasting.

Hughson also took the opportunity to jokingly poke fun at various players playing in the Colas Cup, along with the calibre of hockey he was “privileged” to watch at the Pomeroy Sport Centre.

Hughson said that when he was asked to be the special guest speaker for the tournament, the answer was a no-brainer.

“The Colas Cup people invited me some time ago to come up here and speak at their banquet tonight, and it’s hockey and that’s what I do, so because it was here in particular, I accepted the invitation right away because it’s been a lot of years since I’ve been up here,” he says. “Not only did I want to see the place, but I get a chance to see some old friends, meet some new people and have a few remember whens, and hang around a bunch of guys who like hockey, so it’s a good couple days.”

He added he’s been away longer than he lived here, and couldn’t believe the development the city has gone through. He also marvelled at the Pomeroy Sport Centre, which he was seeing in person for the first time.

“This is a fantastic facility… For a town like this to have a recreation facility like this, I think it’s spectacular. To have the two ice surfaces, the multi-purpose facility, it’s really well thought out in my opinion. To have all of your recreation facilities down in this area now, it’s perfect. It’s little wonder there are so many, and have been over the years, so many good competitors in so many winter sports coming out of Fort St. John because we always had facilities, always had places to train and this will only make it better.”

Next year’s Colas Cup will hit the ice in Banff, Alberta.