Following two days of competition at the B.C. Long Track Championships, skaters representing Prince George emerged with the highest amount of total points earned with 19,538, while Kamloops placed second with 18,312 and Fort St. John earned the third place finish with a total of 17,761 points.

As a result of their top point production, the Prince George Blizzard Speed Skating Club earned the Neil Dyer Memorial Shield.

The local Fort St John Elks speed skaters also did quite well over the weekend, winning numerous medals over the two day span.

In the T2T Female 12 category, Renee Kalkman won a gold medal, following great times in various races. Her high honours came as a result of finishing the final heat of the 100 metre race at 0:14.45 and the 500 metre at 0:51.73 earning her a total of 4000 points.

Elk Eryn Stickel claimed a bronze medal in that same event, finishing the 100 metre event at 0:14.67 and the 500 metre event with a time of 0:54.27, earning the Elks Speed Skating Club 2441 points.

Looking at the T2T Female 13 division, Fort St. John’s Theresa Martins emerged third for a bronze medal with a final heat time of 0:12.85 in the 100 metre, a time of 0:51.60 in the 500 metre and in the 3000 metre she finished at 6:07.33.

In the T2T Female 14, Elk Mikayla Guenther placed fourth to win an iron medal with a 100 metre final time of 0:14.05, a time of 0:55.39 in the 500 metre and 6:20.46 time in the 3000 metre event.

Moving to the men’s T2T Male 14 division, Fort St. John’s Colton Johnson earned a bronze medal with his time of 0:12.46 in the 100 metre, 0:48.63 in the 500 metre race and 5:20.91 in the 3000 metre event.

With their impressive results, all of the top Elks Speed Skaters earned themselves an opportunity to race at Nationals.

The weekend also featured a variety of other races, which showcased plenty of local talent. In the Competitive For Life Open Male races, local racer Jay Morrison placed first and earning gold, with a time of 0:38.29 in the 500 metre race, 1:53.50 in the 1500 metre race, a 1:13.99 in the 1000 metre event and a time of 4:05.71 in the 3000 metre race.

Fort St. John’s Connor Johnson finished second behind Morrison for a silver medal. Johnson completed the 500 metre event with a time of 0:41.02, the 1500 metre race at 2:09.66, the 1000 metre event at 1:22.93 and finally the 3000 metre race at 4:39.10.

In the Competitive for Life Masters division, local speed skater Heather McCracken took home a gold medal, with a time of 0:49.72 in the 500 metre, 2:34.47 in the 1500 metre, 1:39.14 in the 1000 metre and finally finishing at 5:36.63 in the 3000 metre.

Barb Polehoykie finished fourth in the same division earning an iron medal, completing the 500 metre race at 0:56.84, the 1500 metre event at 2:51.59, the 1000 metre race at 1:50.63 and the 3000 metre race at 5:44.72.

Along with the countless races that hit the ice this weekend, Keith Gordon, long-time coach of the Fort St. James Speed Skating Club, also earned a significant honour, receiving a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his 40 plus years of coaching in speed skating.