In total, they stretch over 23,000 kilometres from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic Ocean.

There are two portions of the challenge which include both walking and swimming. The goal on foot is to walk a total of 415 kilometres, which is equivalent to 1,220 laps around the Pomeroy Sport Centre’s Northern Vac Track. The goal is to cover the distance within the three month long challenge.

As usual, the track is free to use.

If looking for an even greater challenge, there is also a water portion of the program. Participants will try to swim 33 kilometres, which is 1,320 laps at the North Peace Leisure Pool.

Regular admission prices apply for those looking to hit the water as part of the challenge.

The excitement begins Tuesday, January 15, with participants having until Friday, March 15 to achieve those distances.

For further information on the event, call 250-794-3262.