Its oil, natural gas, and refined petroleum products would then be shipped to Asia and other markets.
The town was established in 1979 as a mining community but after commodity prices forced the mine to shut down only 18 months after opening, the town was abandoned. President of Kitsault Energy Krish Suthanthiran purchased the town in 2005, and it currently is home to only a caretaker.
The original intention was to build it into a resort community, and it is reportedly already set up with over 90 family homes, and around 150 two and three-bedroom apartments. It also has a recreation complex, as well as restaurants, a shopping centre and other amenities essential to a town.
The current proposed LNG project is estimated to cost $20 to $30 billion. Suthanthiran says the company is already in talks with First Nations communities about training, education and job opportunities this project could create.