The program, set up by the RCMP,acts as a way to put a face to a school zone, as it gives drivers a more personal perspective of who they could potentially be affecting when speeding through the designated areas.

Vehicles pulled over by the student/cop combo will get a quick lesson in road safety, while also receiving hand drawn pictures of the young police-for-a-day, and a letter from the RCMP stressing safe driving.

Cpl. Shelkie of the Fort St. John RCMP says the campaign’s main focus is reminding drivers of the importance of being responsible drivers.

“Road safety is a significant concern and is one of Fort St. John RCMP’s top priorities. The ‘Think Of Me’ campaign reminds drivers about safety in school zones and also about driving safely throughout our community. Especially at this time of the year, motorists need to be aware that there is more traffic on the road and that weather conditions can make the roads more dangerous to drive on.”